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GST Compliant
Create e-invoice and e waybill in under 10 seconds and reduce 90% effort to collect
Embedded payment link
Embedded Payment Link helps your Customer with more Payment options and ease of tracking Collections
Utmost Convenience
Set up Agreements, send Estimates, and convert them to Invoices in 
Automation at its Core
Automated Reminders and Scheduled Follow-Ups delivered to your Customers

The Dobby Advantage

Whether you are unsure of your product’s HSN or service’s SAC Number, Dobby, your SuperAccountant and Finance Co-Pilot, is only a click away to support you in your Invoice Creation Process, all of which takes less than 10 seconds.
Say Goodbye to Manual Paperwork and Endless Spreadsheets
Our cutting-edge Design and User Experience streamlines the entire Invoicing process, allowing you to generate and send Professional Invoices in seconds. Experience the speed and efficiency you've always dreamed of!
Your Fast Lane to Getting Paid
With our seamless Design and optimised Workflows, creating and managing Invoices has never been easier. Enjoy hassle-free Invoicing, and watch as your cash flow improves. Get paid faster, effortlessly!
Eliminate the Stress of Missed Payments and Late Invoicing
Our reliability ensures accurate and timely Invoice Delivery, reducing the chances of Payment Delays. Experience peace of mind and focus on what you do best: Growing your Business!