Track Expenses as you Spend with Ease

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Why businesses love expense tracking with Effortless

Effortless Auditing
Vendor Invoices are stored across emails, few physically, and retrieving them for Payment, Audit, and Tax scrutinies becomes highly difficult
Vendor Management
Effortlessly connect Gmail to track e- Commerce Invoices and receipts from vendors like:
Superfast Reimbursements
Employees can raise reimbursement requests on-the-go and managers can make payment settlements in one click
Utilities Done Right
No more missing Utility Bill Payments. Effortless integrates with and automates your settlements

The Dobby Advantage

Easily handle your Banking and Payments needs by trusting in Dobby, your Effortless Super Accountant. Dobby will always be vigilant and aware of deadlines related to bank transactions and payments. He's meticulous and prompt in communicating with you to guarantee that all related transfers and payments are executed seamlessly, allowing you to focus on growing your business without any financial interruptions.
Simplify Your Financial Workflow
Effortless automates expense tracking and reimbursement processes, saving you valuable time and reducing errors. experience the power of effortless financial management at your fingertips.
Bill Booking Never Looked Simpler
Avoid complex, non-compliant Bill booking experiences and turn to Effortless’ simple, transactionally compliant workflow where you can record your experience in less than ten seconds.
Reimbursements made Rapid and Easy
Avoid complex Reimbursement processes and turn to Effortless’ simple, easy-to-use workflows where you can raise claims, track requests, and make payments on-the-go, painlessly.
Dobby to the Rescue!
Escape the boredom and frustration of recording multiple bills by simply assigning them to Dobby, your Super Accountant. Dobby will record your bills for you within the Turnaround-Time committed to you.