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More Funds
Why not have banks and financial institutions come to fund you, instead of you going from one to another requesting loans?
Embedded payment link
Embedded Payment  link helps your customer with more payment options and ease of tracking collections
Utmost convinience
Setup Agreements, send Estimates and convert them to Invoices in 1-Click
Automation at it’s core
Automated Remindersand Scheduled Follow-Ups

The Dobby Advantage

By leveraging advanced algorithms and data analysis, Dobby, your SuperAccountant and Finance Co-Pilot can generate accurate cashflow projections, identify potential risks, and showcase the company's financial stability. This enhances credibility and increases the chances of securing funding from investors or lenders, empowering businesses to fuel growth and meet your financial goals.
Supercharge Your Business Growth!
CredGenie by Effortless has been built to leverage your cashflow and provide the capital you need, quickly and efficiently. Say goodbye to traditional borrowing hassles and unlock the potential of your business with our flexible funding options.
Empower Your Business with Tailored Financing!
CredGenie analyzes your cashflow data to offer personalized funding solutions that align with your unique business needs. Experience the freedom to invest in growth initiatives while maintaining healthy cashflow management.
Secure your business’ future with smart financing!
Our reliable and transparent funding process ensures you have the financial resources to seize opportunities and navigate challenges. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with flexible funding tailored to your cashflow cycles.