The Effortless Mission

“Make Finance Resources available to Entrepreneurs helping them scale their businesses rapidly.”

The Challenge of Finance

The Entrepreneurial Journey is tough and demanding, encompassing Product Development, Market Fit, and Capital Acquisition. Amidst these challenges, Finance remains the backbone of Business Operations.

Today’s Finance Stack is Broken !

Today’s Finance Stack is broken with one tool for accounting, banking spread between their apps, tools for managing TDS returns and GST, websites for utility payments, information being spread across mails, computers, physical and excel plus an accounting who is ever changing and a tax consultant.

Frictionless Finance Experiences for Scale

We are building Effortless with these Core Principles in mind:
  • One Platform to manage all Finance Actions
  • Simple and Fast: Every Action in 10 Seconds !
  • No Complex Accounting Jargon or Manual Tracking of Invoices and Documents
  • Access Money and Finance Data when  you really need, not just for Accountants or Founders, even to Employees to join the journey to Organisational Success

Catalyst to $5 Trillion Economy

The SME’s and startups contribute more than 30% of GDP and employs more than 106 Million people across the country. Empowering them with the Powerful and Integrated Tools and making Finance frictionless will lead to greater access to Finance will help entrepreneurs to build the next wave of Growth.
Jayakumar M.
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Priya Raghavan
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
Jayaram R.
Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Immanuel E.
Jagadesh Kumar
Kathiravan E.
Kirthivaasan B.S.
Lokesh S.
Manoj S.
Preethi B.
Riyas Y.
Sivabalan S.
Somasundaram P.
Vignesh S.
Vijay VA.